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Uses of genetic information

Genetic information can be used for:

  • Assessment of genetic variation
  • Parentage assignment (to reduce inbreeding in breeding programmes; for sire disputes)
  • Conservation management
  • Pedigree reconstruction for use in breeding programmes. Often parental samples aren’t available. Noahgene has successfully used this for sib-partitioning analysis in cattle.
  • Marker assisted selection and genomic selection
  • Disease susceptibility studies
  • Traceability and forensics – Genetic markers can be used to trace individuals back to their population of origin – e.g. in illegal fishing

We work with many different sample types and can give advice on the best sampling procedure for your project.

To discuss the possibilities, you can e-mail us at info@noahgene.com or call 01259 272007 or 01259 272008